Celebrating Women Who Move the Nation - General Selection Criteria

Call for Nominations Closes December 1st


Women being considered for this honor should meet the following criteria, consistent with COMTO’s Strategic Plan:

  • Industry professional
  • In a prominent position of leadership
  • Promoted or has served in a mentor role for other women and minority professionals
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Demonstrated effective advocacy
  • Demonstrated support of small and historically underutilized businesses
  • Ability and likelihood to support COMTO’s strategic objectives from this point forward

COMTO’s Board Executive Committee has appointed a Selection Committee from the COMTO membership to evaluate candidates and make final selections. The Selection Committee will endeavor to select a diverse slate of honorees from the various transportation modes (surface transportation; aviation; maritime; or space), and they may come from any of the following transportation-related environments:

  • Federal, state or local government
  • Academia
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Advocate
  • Private industry
  • Advocacy
  • Aviation
  • Public Transportation
  • Multi-modalism
  • Shirley DeLibero
  • Chairman’s Eagle
  • Labor
  • Highways

“Lifetime Achievement Award”- Legislator-Elected official who has contributed to the growth and evolution of policy


The Lifetime Achievement Award is given in recognition of a distinguished woman who has made a profound and long-term contribution to the transportation industry. This lifetime achiever is not recognized for a single position held, but rather, she is recognized and commended on her contributions over the span of her career and leadership in multimodal transportation.


“The Shirley DeLibero COMTO Annual Woman Who Moves the Nation Award”


Every once in a while a real trailblazer comes along and changes the course of history. Ms. Shirley A. DeLibero is one such trailblazer. Her tenacious spirit and pure talent for overseeing the construction and management of rail systems have moved the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials to institute the Shirley DeLibero COMTO Woman Who Moves the Nation Award. This award is presented annually as a long standing tribute to Ms. DeLibero.


“Chairman's Eagle Award “


A poignant tribute honoring COMTO's late President and CEO Julie Cunningham who began the Celebrating Women Who Move the Nation Awards event. The Chairman's Eagle Award recognizes an emerging leader, who exemplifies Ms. Cunningham's spirit, commitment, tenacity and professionalism.


Submitting Your Nominations


Please submit all nominations to Celebrating Women Who Move the Nation Chair, Jannet Walker. When submitting your nominations include a brief biography of the nominee and your reason for nominating them. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the national office.