At-Large Member
Ms. Tracey Bessellieu

Parsons Brinckerhoff – Director of Human Resources – Vice President

Tracey Bessellieu was born in Harlem, USA and raised in the Bronx, NY. She began her career participating in community development activities, district boards and political campaigns; knowing early on she had a passion for affecting change in disadvantaged communities.

The Bronx, New York City's only mainland borough, for years had been considered a prime example of urban blight. Community leaders, along with various government agencies and philanthropic groups, began the task of redeveloping the area. She was selected to represent the borough in a delegation, which, in 1997 resulted in the prestigious and unique designation of the borough being named an "All American" city. She spent 25 years in health care again focused on transforming situations and outcomes that led to the organizations multiple successes including top recognition in US News and World Report. She was responsible for the creation of the first diversity oversight committee that to this day successfully and deliberately appoints women and minority leaders in healthcare. Personally, she was recognized year over year for outstanding service in the development of programming that lead to outcomes enhancing the lives of the people she served. Uniquely curious and respecting everyone’s value and talent was and is her gift. She recognized her skills were transferable and switched careers in 2006 joining Parsons Brinckerhoff as their Director of Engagement, a job responsible for attracting, engaging and retaining talent in the organization. She is currently the Director of Talent and responsible for the US Human Resources operations.

She joined COMTO in 2007 and quickly became an engaged and active member of the community. Through her work with the scholars committee and the Board of Directors at COMTO they successfully awarded a plethora of scholarships, inspiring and supporting the lives of young transportation professionals across the nation.

She is a graduate of Pace University and certified in Diversity Management from Cornell University. Personally, she is a wife of over 25 years and the mother of 2 college age children.