Council of Presidents' Representative
Mr. Dan Pearsall

Regional Transportation District - Denver - Senior Project Manager DBE/SBE

Dan Pearsall is a former business owner and has been involved in the transportation industry since 2003 as a consultant to General Managers and high level executives. As a transportation project management consultant, he has assisted agencies, companies and organizations with various human resource audits, personnel assessments, hiring and promotion planning, process improvement, organization development, and succession planning. As a Senior Project Manager his responsibilities included planning, communicating with stakeholders, resource management, team development, risk management, and quality assurance. His experience has led him to successfully build and maintain critical relationships that ensured goal achievement and company success.

Dan is currently employed with Armand Resource Group, as a Senior Project Manager, consulting at the Regional Transportation District in Denver, Colorado. As the COMTO Colorado chapter President he’s focused on increasing membership, member education, training and development and improving member benefits through increased contract awards. Dan has been with RTD since 2010 and works as the DBE Business Resource and Outreach Project Manager in the Civil Rights division. He works tirelessly to help businesses improve strategies to work on RTD and other transportation related contracts throughout the district. He is dedicated to supporting HUBs and DBEs not only at the local level but nationally—creating lasting relationships that help members and agencies succeed in transportation. Over the past two years he increased HUB and DBE contract opportunities for professional services consultants and construction contractors and opened the door of opportunity for members to pursue contracts/projects in Texas, Florida, and western Colorado.

His plan is to work with the COPs and the board to set high goals, plan, and direct programs that will ultimately enrich and effect the COMTO organization as a whole. Communicating, bridging gaps and building strong relationships between the Board of Directors and Executive Officers on behalf of the Council of Presidents is key to achieving our goals and success for the organization, thus strengthening COMTO’s foundation, moving it into a sustainable organization of the future.