A View From the Hill

COMTO's A View From the Hill is a day of legislative advocacy on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, bringing together legislative and industry experts to discuss relevant issues facing the transportation industry. The program begins with a legislative panel discussion and concludes with COMTO members making visits to their respective Congressional officials and representatives. These Congressional meetings serve to share COMTO's message, legislative directives, and views on the rehabilitation and revitalization of America’s transportation infrastructure. A View From the Hill ensures the continuation of COMTO’s mission of ensuring a level playing field and maximum participation in the transportation industries for minority individuals, businesses, and communities of color. 

COMTO members are encouraged to schedule meetings with their Congressional officials and representatives as soon as possible. Please click here to schedule your meeting online. 

a view from the hill is scheduled for March 21, 2018

2017 A View From the Hill

Legislation 101: How To Be A Part Of the Legislative Process